Just like Food, Sex Nourishes

Lust is inherent in me. I guess it’s also to true to other men. Maybe there’s a way of taking it out, if you willingly give up on it. But it takes a lot of sacrifice and denial. It’s hard and can only be successfully done by few. Most men I know are lustful and two-timer. Even when confronted with danger and risk, they still do it.

One time, I read a news article that Philippines has the highest number of viewers in a certain pornsite compared to any countries in the world. What’s ironic is that we’re the only country left (except for Vatican) that divorce is still not legal. I don’t know if there’s a survey that Philippines has the highest number of married men with extra-marital affairs. I think it’s impossible to conduct the said survey because I know, we, men, would mostly deny. We want to keep our marriage and have our family intact yet we’re not able to keep our marriage vows. In secret, we meet women and fuck them in a motel or in our cars. Some, we pay them. Some, we get involved in illicit love affairs out of thrill and excitement. Some women just like to be fucked for the pleasure of it whether the man is married or not. The list of different scenarios goes on and on… One thing for sure remains to be the true and the same. Sex is both a want and need. Just like food, sex nourishes. As long as fucking is done in a safe way, regular sex is good for the body and mind. For the body, it’s a great exercise with the ability to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer. For the mind, it would make you realize that life is worth living for, especially if you fuck different attractive individual from time to time other than your spouse.

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