The Forbidden Thrill

Even until now, I can still recall in detail the greatest orgasm that I have ever experienced. It was so great because of its forbidden thrill. She was my officemate.

We went up to the highest floor of our office building as I held her hand. She told me in fear, “Mike, maybe someone may see us here.”

I responded, “Don’t worry.” Then I grabbed her waist against my body as I started kissing her passionately.

I could still remember the smell of her luscious breath. She sensually wrapped me with her arms that I could feel the growing heat of her body. I started to squeeze her tempting breasts against her body-fitting blouse.

I then gently opened the buttons and squeezed her protruding boobs and nipples. She whispered, “Oohhh, Mike! This is so fucking good!”

She couldn’t hold back but opened my pants and stroked my fully erect cock. I had my tongue sucking her pinkish nipples when she suddenly moaned and exclaimed, “Mike, fuck me, please!”

I lustfully replied, “Ok, May.”

Good thing, there was a chair near us. I sat down when she managed to let her pussy get inside my cock in a back position. Ooh, her vagina was so wet which made the pumping so smoothly hot! She kept saying sounds of erotic moans like she never had that kind of pleasure before. I stared at her long shiny black straight hair, waving up and down, left and right as she kept pumping and grinding.

It was so yummy that I uncontrollably reached my orgasm first while she still kept pumping faster and faster until she achieved her ecstatic orgasm as well.

“Aahh, that was indeed fucking good!” I embraced her tight in perspiration and savored the moment which would then last forever.

Every time I walked down the particular street, I always looked up to that window on the highest floor of the building and kept replaying back in my mind how we fucked. It was sexy, unique, wildly thrilling, and greatly memorable to the deepest part of my mind.

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