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The Kissing Masseuse

I fondly remember this certain spa… I asked the receptionist, “Is she available?” “Yes, sir.” After paying for their 1-hour oil massage, she came, staring at my face, getting intrigued why I know her when she doesn’t know who I am. The room is clean but then again I didn’t like the setup. Curtains divided …

Na usab man iyang Nawong

Pag first, ang iyang itsura matured pero katung iya nang gi tangtang ang facemask, na attractive man siya. na black beauty siya!

The KTV Girl

Ika duha na namong kita kay dili ko ka let go niya. Guwapa siya, sexy, attractive, nice, thoughtful and mostly especially, understanding to my needs.


Cebu was hit terribly with a super typhoon last year. I wasn’t prepared. I knew there was news about it but it was already too late for me to have enough preparation. Electric, internet and water supply were cut. Several street posts and trees were down. I’d been seeing a lot of vehicles lining up …

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