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The Art and the Artist

Lana has always wanted to be a painting model. When she finally had a chance, would she be ready to face everything that came with it? —— Lana was passionate about expressing her art style in a way that genuinely embodied her. She began to research painting models and the various ways to become one.…

Secret Life of a Secretary

Jane starts her new job and falls in love with her boss, who looks like a greek god. She is excited for an adventure of a lifetime in this new journey. She is ready to work hard and proves herself the best employee. Jane’s days are filled with happiness, and she thanks her lucky stars…

True Love

One afternoon, I fucked a certain young girl. While I was on top trying hard to reach my climax, I was thinking dearly about my partner. She’s the only one with whom I can truly say that we made love. There’s no fear. Getting guilty or caught is non-existent. No need to wear condom. No…

The Kissing Masseuse

I fondly remember this certain spa… I asked the receptionist, “Is she available?” “Yes, sir.” After paying for their 1-hour oil massage, she came, staring at my face, getting intrigued why I know her when she doesn’t know who I am. The room is clean but then again I didn’t like the setup. Curtains divided…

Na usab man iyang Nawong

Pag first, ang iyang itsura matured pero katung iya nang gi tangtang ang facemask, na attractive man siya. na black beauty siya!

You’re still a Virgin

I was talking to a dear friend of mine. She narrated to me her first sexual experience. I was aroused and inspired that I have to write it down and make a story out of it. This is a story of two college students… She was staying alone in a boarding house. One day, a…

The KTV Girl

Ika duha na namong kita kay dili ko ka let go niya. Guwapa siya, sexy, attractive, nice, thoughtful and mostly especially, understanding to my needs.

Like a Sermon from a Pastor

One time, I was talking to a woman. She knows a lot about me, you know, my extra-marital affairs… It was like I was listening to a sermon from a fucking pastor. Here’s what she had to say: “Reality is, there will always be temptations wherever you go. You can’t escape that. You know that…

Just like Food, Sex Nourishes

Lust is inherent in me. I guess it’s also to true to other men. Maybe there’s a way of taking it out, if you willingly give up on it. But it takes a lot of sacrifice and denial. It’s hard and can only be successfully done by few. Most men I know are lustful and…

I took you away from him

Even after many years had passed, I still think about you. I thought I can forget you but here I am, listening again and again to the music we shared together. I still remember these are the kind of songs we enjoyed while we made love on my bed. You used to tell me that…

The Masseuse who Badly Needs Money

One time, while I was checking my FB, suddenly, I received a message from a certain masseuse whom I had some massage fuck sessions two years ago. I was surprised. I replied, “Hey, Roxanne! It’s been a long time. How are you?” “I’m ok, Mike. Are you available now?” “What do you mean?” “I’ll massage…

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