Why Do Married People Cheat?

5 Reasons Why People Engage in Extramarital Affairs

Every marriage has its own ups and downs, which can sometimes pertain to cheating. After swearing in front of God and the law, why do married people cheat?

Not all picture-perfect couples are happy in real life, which is why what you see on the outside can trick how you see their marriage. After all, love encompasses trust and respect, and a person’s actions reveal a lot about how much they value their partner. Considering that it is a union made in sickness and health, till life after death, it can really make one wonder why cheating still happens. Here are the various reasons why people get involved in extramarital affairs.

1. Previous Cheating History

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Although there are instances where changed behavior is possible, having numerous cheating histories can indicate that it is always likely to happen again. Various reasons can be the culprit to this such as low self-esteem, childhood upbringing, mental illness, and past traumas from previous relationships.

2. Early Marriage

Every marriage has its own timeline, and some couples get married earlier than others. While this favors the success of other marriages, early marriage can become the root of infidelity for couples. This is because it makes room for regret, feelings of being left out of others’ success, and thoughts of never being to enjoy their younger years. Aside from “what ifs”, another issue with an early marriage that is a factor in cheating is the sudden realization that it isn’t what they thought they wanted at that time.

3. Dissatisfaction with the Marriage

Marriage goes hand in hand with the promise to stay with each other and endure the test of time. However, time brings many changes including illness, change of priorities, and even distance from one another. Once a couple reaches this point, dissatisfaction with the marriage can lead to the temptation to engage in extramarital affairs. Dissatisfaction takes different forms such as emotional dissatisfaction and physical dissatisfaction.

4. Porn Addiction

There is nothing wrong with watching porn, as long as it doesn’t affect your relationship or marriage. However, that is not always the case. A lot of studies have proven that it is a risk factor in ruining the stability of marriages and families. What people see in pornography can influence their expectations in a relationship and can break trust and decrease intimacy, which can eventually lead to cheating.

5. Low Self-Worth of Self-Image

While cheaters can be perceived as people who think they’re all that, it is actually the opposite. Low self-worth or self-image can also be the culprit behind engaging in extramarital affairs. In order to appease the ego and feel that they are valued and wanted, the cheater craves more validation outside their marriage, hence the cheating.

In conclusion, there are various reasons behind married people cheating. This can range from individual issues such as upbringing, traumas, and illnesses, and can also involve external factors such as distance, addiction to porn, and shifting of priorities. No marriage is perfect, cheating can sometimes be forgiven, but it will never be right to break the sanctity of marriage and your partner’s heart.

by Anna Luna

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