Thrill Your Partner With the Art of Erotic Massage

There are many ways to show intimacy with your partner. One of which is to provide them with an erotic or sensual massage. This type of massage can be used in foreplay and aftercare. When done correctly, it can be life-changing and bring you closer to your partner.

What is an Erotic Massage?

An erotic or sensual massage follows the same techniques as regular massages except that they aim to help the person release tension and lower stress by enhancing or achieving sexual arousal.

Anyone can give an erotic massage. Those who want to try but don’t know where to start will be glad to see that you don’t need a lot to start giving them to your partner! However, it’s important to remember that you must put in the effort while creating the mood, so you and your partner can benefit from the whole experience.

How to Give an Erotic Massage?

Before you can give an erotic massage, it helps to set up the mood. To do so, here are some tips to make your bedroom an oasis of pleasure:

1. Set the mood.

Before you can give an erotic massage, your bedroom must be calm and peaceful for both of you. Even if you’re a little nervous, setting the mood is important because it can help you relax and get comfortable.

To set the mood, ensure the room is clean, the sheets are fresh and soft, and the lights are dimmed. You can also place some lit tea candles around the room to provide soft lighting. If you like music, make a sensual music playlist, and link your phone to your Bluetooth speaker.

2. Draw your partner a relaxing and warm bath.

Baths are always a great way to start the night. Warm baths help relax muscles and help them get ready before you begin. Make the bath genuinely memorable by using bubble baths or bath salts. You can also top the water with some rose petals for a hint of romance.

Starting the Massage:

3. Instruct your partner to lie on their stomach. After drying up from a bath, guide your partner into the beginning stages of the massage by instructing them to lie on their stomach. Start only when they’re comfortable.

4. Start slow. The point of an erotic massage is to arouse, so don’t start with heavy pressures immediately. Guide your partner by talking through the process, and start with soft and gentle strokes. This step will help them relax and lean into your touch. You can start from the head with a scalp massage and eventually move your way down the neck, shoulders, and back. You can also start from the feet and move upwards if it’s more comfortable for both of you.

5. Warm the oil in your hands. Pour a generous amount of oil into your palms and rub them together to warm them up. Place your hands on your partner’s skin and start moving your hands in smooth and gentle strokes. Experiment with different massage strokes and encourage your partner to relax. Gradually increase your pressure on their skin and move your hands and fingers to more intimate spots. Remember to take things slow, so your partner will get used to it.

However, you may not like using oils because they can stain your sheets. In that case, you can try alternatives like jojoba, grapeseed, and sweet almond oil. These choices are great for massages because they are lightweight, non-greasy, and easily absorbed into the skin. You can also check out this list for other options.

6. Massage everywhere. Aside from the neck, shoulders, and back, you can also massage the wrists, each finger, and the inside of elbows and knees. Aside from your hands, you can also add pressure by pressing your weight against your partner’s body. Before this, try oiling up first and ask your partner if getting closer is okay. You’ll find this step helps build sexual tension quickly.

Once you’re both comfortable, feel free to kiss, lick, and even gently nibble on sensitive areas like the neck, the earlobes, and the inner thigh. Move your body against your partner’s skin to create more friction.

7. Use dirty talk.

Talking to your partner while giving an intimate massage can be a great way to build tension. You can up the tempo by dirty talking your way until either of you entirely give in to your urges. You can even make a fun sexual game by asking your partner to pick which part you’ll touch and massage next.

8. Touch their intimate parts.

After ensuring your partner is hot and ready, gradually move your fingers down their body and against their sensitive parts. The higher the sexual tension, the more they’ll enjoy even the lightest touches on their bare skin. Encourage your partner to return to favor and have them touch you everywhere.

9. Don’t expect a massage in return.

Spoiling your partner now and then is good. If you plan to give an erotic massage, don’t expect them to return the favor immediately, especially when they just climaxed. Let them enjoy your time together; your partner will surely return the favor later.

What Are the Benefits Of An Erotic Massage?

1. It provides relaxation.

Erotic massages help people relax by aiding them in releasing tension, calming their nerves, and feeling spoiled.  

2. It improves intimacy.

Several couples can benefit from erotic massages because it involves careful touches and caresses. Erotic massages also emphasize taking time to explore each other’s bodies. As the massage becomes more intimate, partners can create sexual tension while unlocking new and exciting things to do in the bedroom.

3. Better sexual release.

Getting regular erotic massages helps a person unwind, relax, and find inner peace. Erotic massages also help disperse sexual energy throughout the body, making it more than just genital satisfaction. When a person finally orgasms, they’ll feel not only pleasure in their erogenous zones but throughout their entire body.

Takeaway: Erotic massages are a great way to establish foreplay by introducing a new and exciting dynamic to the bedroom. However, couples can also benefit from providing massages during aftercare, which will undoubtedly help the person relax their muscles.

by Anna Luna

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