True Love

One afternoon, I fucked a certain young girl. While I was on top trying hard to reach my climax, I was thinking dearly about my partner.

She’s the only one with whom I can truly say that we made love. There’s no fear. Getting guilty or caught is non-existent. No need to wear condom. No need to withdraw. We kiss passionately, lips to lips, tongue to tongue, breathing each others’ torrid breath, licking each others’ necks without worrying whether we leave a kiss mark or not. Above all, it’s the feel of my penis penetrating her vagina, sensing its well-lubricated walls with its texture and surface while she embraces me tightly and genuinely moans of real sexual pleasure. My orgasm then becomes perfect when she’s truly stimulated until she achieves her orgasm as well while feeling the successive contractions of her vaginal orifice around my dick’s shaft. She then says with an authentic tone of being completely satisfied, “Aahhhh! That’s so good! Thank you, hon. I love you so much. I really love you, hon.” Those words I would never hear from any woman except from my own beloved patner.

In lovemaking between couples who sincerely love each other, physical appearance is transcended. That’s why sometimes you see a couple that could elicit a comment from others such as, “What happened to her? What is it she sees in her partner? He’s so ugly!” Or it can be the other way around when you see a gorgeous man walking hand in hand romantically with an unattractive girl. It’s been said, Beauty is dependent on the beholder.

In most cases, those couples who look fabulously beautiful are the ones who break up. Their relationships don’t last. We thought they seem to have everything, but true love doesn’t work that way.

The bottom line is, if true love is present, it encompasses everything. Even if you don’t look handsome as defined by the society we live in, but if your partner truly loves you, she sees beyond your physical characteristics. She accepts you as you are but brings out the best in you in the process. Or even if your partner isn’t pretty as what others say, but if you truly love her, your eyes see beneath her face and skin. It’s actually her smart mind and compassionate heart you fall in love with. 

But if true love is missing, you seem to look for something your partner doesn’t have. Even if she has it, you’re still not contented. You then think and complain, “Her breasts are small. She got big legs. She’s dark-skinned. She’s getting fat. She’s getting old.” And the list goes on and on and on…

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