The Kissing Masseuse

I fondly remember this certain spa…

I asked the receptionist, “Is she available?”

“Yes, sir.”

After paying for their 1-hour oil massage, she came, staring at my face, getting intrigued why I know her when she doesn’t know who I am.

The room is clean but then again I didn’t like the setup. Curtains divided each room, but it was ok since no customer occupied besides where I was there.

She got inside when I wasn’t yet finished undressing. Unlike other therapists I usually encountered, she’s talkative but anyway, she made me smile and laugh.

I couldn’t relax while she was massaging me because she kept on conversing with me.

“Sir, is my massage ok?”

“Yeah! You’re fucking hot!” I replied in a whisper-like tone as she intentionally kept touching my balls when she was stroking my upper thighs.

“What did you say, sir?”

“I said you’re massage is ok.”

“What about my face, sir? she asked smiling.”

“You’re ok.”

“You’re just contented, sir? Hahaha!”

“What’s important, you’re very good at massage. I think I’m already cumming!”

“Hahaha! You must be kidding, sir!”

“1k for an extra service. Ok?” I asked while I gently touched her butt and hand.

She seductively smiled.

I asked her again, “Blow job on me. Ok?”

“Sir, I really don’t do it. I had one customer who asked for it but I refused but when he offered 3k, what can I do?”

Of course, I didn’t give in but I didn’t insist. I’m a person who respects their price tag.

When she started to masturbate my cock, I then squeezed her boobs, telling her, “Take off your shirt.”

She took it off. I wasn’t contented. I told her, “Take off your bra.”

She replied chuckling, “I can’t, sir.”

She instead let her boobs show up without taking off her bra. I sucked her nipples to her pleasure while she was moaning, expressing, “Ahhh! Shit!”

I moved her body close so she can lie down with me. Then we were wildly kissing as she kept on masturbating my dick. “My God! She’s indeed sexually wild!”

It was a very good orgasm! Good enough to take away temporarily my worries in life.

Since I rarely had a kissing experience with a massage therapist, I gave her an additional tip. Besides, she’s a hot kisser. She must have brushed her teeth before she massaged me because her breath smelled fresh. Or was it the menthol candy? “Man, she did prepare for that torrid physical contact!”

I was just amused by her because she kept hugging and kissing my collar, neck and lips while I was dressing up. She even accompanied me, holding my hand, while I went out from the room.

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