Cebu was hit terribly with a super typhoon last year. I wasn’t prepared. I knew there was news about it but it was already too late for me to have enough preparation. Electric, internet and water supply were cut. Several street posts and trees were down.

I’d been seeing a lot of vehicles lining up to the gas stations. The line was long to get their water containers filled up. Traffic was abnormally heavy. People were trying to find some ways to survive, even to withstand lining up for more than two hours just to withdraw money from ATMs in order to buy food and other essential supplies because debit/credit cards couldn’t be used.

But I know very well Cebuanos. We are resilient. We’ve always been resilient. We had this kind of natural calamity before. There was no electricity and water for about two months. We survived and went on with our lives as if nothing bad happened.

It’s been two weeks now since Typhoon Odette damaged terribly my beloved hometown. I don’t know how long I have to endure living without electricity. Although some, their power and water supplies had already been restored, still, a lot of people have been affected with their day-to-day work, but I guess not so much with those who are working online, as long as there’s internet access.

Internet? That’s the big problem! Since our internet connection is powered by electricity both at home and office, I couldn’t work with my clients in the UK. So I had to find a way. I then found out Starbucks is operating with free wi-fi for the past days. The other day was ok but at that time, according to their tech team, internet was down. So I was left there just typing these words on my laptop, waiting for the connection to be restored.

You know, Starbucks, even their beverage and food are expensive compared to what you can buy at local bakeshop or eatery, their stores are still filled up now especially Cebuanos have nothing much to do at home. Anyway, you can sit comfortably here.

While drinking cold black brewed coffee, a sexy lady in short shorts and body-fitting sando asked me if someone is sitting beside me. I unobtrusively smiled and whispered to myself, “Oh, my Lord! Thank you for the blessing you’re giving today.” Then I replied, “Miss, there’s no one sitting here. You can have a seat.”

The lady asked, “Sir, can you reserve the seat for me while I’ll be lining up to buy coffee?”

I sweetly smiled, “Of course, miss.”

I was observing her whole-body figure and damn! She’s fucking hot!

After a few minutes, she came to have her seat. I said, “I hope everything is ok with you and your home after the typhoon.”

She replied, “Well, what can I say? Our roof was destroyed and some of our window glasses were broken.”

While I quickly glanced at her mouth-watering cleavage, I said, “Sorry to hear that, miss. Well, our house also! I guess I have to look for a carpenter to fix the damaged parts of our house.”

She looked at me. For a moment, we stared at each other and realized something unusual was about to happen.

I asked, “So you’re married with kids?”

She replied and smiled, “Hahaha! Do I look like I got kids?”

I quickly responded, “That’s just a joke! But you must have a boyfriend with a beautiful lady like you.”

She laughed again and said, “Is this how you talk with women?”

“Miss, I’m sorry about how I talk. It’s just I got carried away with how you look. I’m not joking when I said you’re beautiful. You really are!”

She gave me a sweet smile saying, “Well, thank you! Actually, I recently broke up with my boyfriend.”

I was waiting for her to open up more but she remained silent. So I asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?”

She replied with a sudden gloomy facial expression, “He went abroad to work until I found out she fell in love with another woman there.”

I said, “Sorry to hear that. I guess long-distance relationships don’t work.”

She said, “You’re right.”

I asked, “So you’re living with your parents here in Cebu?”

She replied, “I’m from Mindanao. I came here in Cebu five years ago to look for work when I graduated from college until I started to be a call center agent.”

I observed the way she talked. She sounds smart. I asked, “So you’re still working in a call center?”

She replied, “Yeah.”

After almost an hour of talking, I braved myself to ask her, “So after this, where are you going?”

“I would probably go back to my boarding house and sleep for a while to prepare for my night shift but I don’t know if I can sleep. I’m used to sleeping with my air conditioner.”

I braved myself more by telling and asking her, “I’m temporarily staying in a hotel and they have a generator. Would you like to come with me? You can take a rest on the sofa.”

She replied, “No thanks. But thank you for the offer.”

I calmly said, “You don’t have to worry. You’re lucky I’m a good person and I don’t bite. Hehehe!”

She laughed but nervously yet seemingly wanted to be persuaded. That was my assumption which I pursued until she agreed.

While driving, I got to know her more that she’s actually very open-minded. We drove thru at McDonald’s and ate our burgers. Of course, I was the one who paid. I wanted to impress her that I’m financially stable with my top-of-the-line SUV and that I’m ready to be her sugar daddy.

We stopped over at 7Eleven and grabbed two bottles of beer. Just staying inside the car with the air conditioner cooling up the heat in our bodies, I observed she got quickly drunk that she became so talkative with a flirtatious voice.

To speed up my Luster moves, I asked about her sexual experiences when I slowly caressed her legs. I thought she would negatively react but she seemed not to mind my hand that she continued to talk until my hand got to her chest. She took away my hand but you know that kind of gesture as if she’s trying to calm my being naughty. My hand didn’t stop until I was able to touch and softly squeeze her boobs against her black sando. She softly moaned, “Aahh, Mike! What are you doing?”

While continuing to massage and squeeze her boobs gently, I replied, “I really like you. You’re so fucking pretty!”

Her look became so seductive and sexually inviting. I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed her back, pulled her body against me, and started to kiss and lick her lips and neck down to her boobs.

She resisted but then again in a way that she somehow passionately liked it but not obviously showing it.

To make the long story short, we had a high intense steamy action inside the car until I was able to have her suck my dick. I wanted to fuck her but I couldn’t control my burning lust anymore. I cummed on her mouth. She was trying to take away her mouth but I took a stronghold of her head, making sure she swallowed all my cum.

When all was out, I let go of her head. She slapped me while my semen was dripping from her lips and exclaimed, “Mike! What have you done? Fuck you!”

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