Inside the Massage Room

There’s this masseuse that I really miss a lot. Let’s call her by the name of Jo.

For months, I’ve been waiting for her to message me on FB but she never did. I learned from her friend that she went back home in the province to be with her family. Somehow, I felt bad about what I did but I should not be guilty because she agreed to do it. I hope and pray she’s just fine.

When I first encountered her, I was instantly captivated by her overall appearance. You see, I’m always attracted not so much with the stunning beauty of a woman but more of one’s impression of innocence, or shall we say mahinhin in Philippine expression.

When I had my first massage with her at my favorite spa, she didn’t display any attitude of being a flirt for financial gain. I was just tempted because of her simple pretty face having a slim figure but most of all, as I’ve said, she’s mahinhin or in English, modest. But the word modest in English vocabulary doesn’t seem to capture the whole meaning of being a mahinhin. You have to be here in the Philippines and meet one of these modest fine Filipina and you’ll understand what I really mean.

Another thing that attracts me is her soft gentle, very feminine hands, stroking my body slowly and passionately.

With that kind of massage, it feels like time stands still as if I’m absorbed in the paradise of pure pleasure and relaxation. However, this has always been my challenge. If the masseuse is like this with all the characteristics I’ve described, I would always do anything in order to fuck her and that’s what just happened between me and Jo. After five sessions of massage, I was able to finally have my dick penetrate her pussy.

It wasn’t easy. I had to go through a series of rejections. But you know me; I’m a persistent man. I get what I want as long as there’s persuasion with a strategy of persistent gentleness.

I have to say this for the record: One of the secrets in making a woman fall for you is being a gentleman. Whether she’s a masseuse, waitress, salesgirl, student, lawyer, doctor, or anyone whom you’re attracted to at first sight, the strategy almost works all the time for all types of women. Being a gentleman is never forceful but only persistent. He is polite but doesn’t act inferior. He is kind but knows how to negotiate. He knows what he wants. He has a goal in his mind which he needs to achieve in order to be victorious. It’s a great feeling when you reach your goal. It boosts your being a masculine as you realize you have this power of persuasion. And when you experience this power, you’ll realize you can apply the same power to your interactions with different people whether you’re at work, home, or somewhere else.

What is life? It’s an existence where you will do what you really wanna do. Whether you make love with someone whom you so desire or do something that makes you happy, what’s important is you actualize what your heart and mind tell you persistently. If you really want to become what you dream of, then you have to do everything on what it takes to achieve it. If you just want to simply win the heart of someone whom you’re so attracted with, then do it. Let no one stop you from achieving your goal. You have the right to be here. You have the right to actualize what you want. Because in the end, all of us have one goal. To Be Happy. What’s the use of living a long life when you’re not happy at all with what you’re doing? A day lived of true happiness is incomparable to a thousand days of denial and misery.

They say I’m lucky to meet such beautiful women. I say, no, I’m not. I just take action so whenever I see a girl who is attractive to my eyes, I proactively go to her and introduce myself. On some occasions, they stay away from me but I never give up until she falls for me.

They say I must be handsome that women get attracted to me. I say, no, I’m not. I even don’t have much money. Women may be attracted to handsome men at first sight but the same story goes. It’s the man who takes action who always gets the girl he wants.

Going back to Jo… When she realized that she couldn’t resist me anymore, letting her legs spread to have my hungry burning fully erect cock enter her dripping pussy, she must have both loved it and hated it. Love in the sense of having not been fucked for a long time. That’s according to her. Hate in the sense that she violated the policy of their spa that fucking is absolutely not allowed. It’s a BIG NO NO. She kept telling me she could be caught with what we did because of the bloodstain left on the bedsheet. She was menstruating during that time.

She nervously said, “Oh, my God! I can’t believe what just happened! What have I done? Why did I do this? What happened to me? Mike, why did I allow you to do this to me? What if I get pregnant?”

I replied, “Jo, I didn’t cum inside of you. I took my cock out to cum on your tummy. Remember?”

Abruptly she left me in the massage room. I dressed up and gathered my thoughts. All I can clearly remember was that she agreed. I didn’t force her. Although, I kept asking many times to fuck her until she took off her panty.

When I went out of the room, I saw her standing at the corridor. She looked disturbed. I wanted to stay longer and talk to her but I was already late with my appointment. All I could do was to caress her hair and lovingly kiss her forehead.

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