The Virgin Linggam Masseuse

I came to know this masseuse from an FB page I’ve been following. She looks so young and innocent with her pictures. I was thinking it wasn’t her real images that she was just using them to attract clients. Anyhow, I sent her a message asking the price of her massage.

After a day, she replied with two prices. One is regular and the other one is a special massage worth 900. After some exchanges of chats, we agreed to meet at a certain location.

I picked her up and drove to a drive-in motel.

I said, “Wow! It’s really you in the picture!”

She replied, “Of course, sir! I already told you in the chat that it’s really me.”

I asked, “How old are you?”

“I’m 19, sir.”

“You’re a senior high school student?”

“I’m in my first year of college, sir.”

“I must say you’re really pretty! How lucky I am today!”

She laughed, “Hahahaha!”

“You know, I must say that you’re also lucky because I’m a good person.”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“You see, with your posts, you could get a customer who might take advantage of you. Look at yourself. You’re young, sexy and pretty!”

“So far, sir, all of my clients are good.”

“Thank God for that! But we don’t know the future so be very careful. Choose your customers. Most of the people who messaged you on facebook are using their dummy accounts, not using their real pictures so you really have no way of figuring out who’s legit or scammer. Worse, someone might do something bad on you.”

“Sir, don’t talk about that. I always pray to God that nothing bad happens to me.”

We arrived at the motel. I was staring at her body. She’s slim with a typical kayumanggi complexion. I was instantly attracted to her. My dick then stood up.

The massage started and I observed she’s not a pro. I asked, “How long have you been doing this kind of work?”

“Sir, before the pandemic started, I was working in a lingam spa. At first, I really didn’t expect that part of my job was to do hand job. I thought it was just the usual massage but as time passed, I got to learn how to do those things. When our spa was closed, I was forced to join that facebook group so my income would continue and so here I am.”

“Where are your parents? Are they not supporting you that you have to resort to this kind of work?”

“Sir, they don’t have work, I’m not living with them anymore. I’m self-supporting. I’m even paying for my tuition fees. I also support my brother and sister.”

“At least you’re not a single mom. Is that right?”

“Hahaha! Of course, sir. I’m not.”

Time for the front massage. When she was massaging my thighs, I held her hand. I caressed her arms until I reached out to touch her breast against her blouse but she resisted and said, “You know, sir, I only do hand job. Nothing more.”

“Can’t I just touch your boobs? I can’t cum if I can’t touch it.”

“Sir, really! No one has touched my breasts.”

“Really!? I don’t believe you! With this kind of work, no one has touched your private parts?!”

“That’s true, sir!”

She proceeded to massage my balls and my dick. I just couldn’t help it. She’s so tempting that I had to do what my burning lust was galvanizing me to do. I got up and tried to squeeze her breasts and attempted to kiss her but she was insistent to prevent me from doing so.

“How about this? Let me offer you 10k. We’ll fuck.”

All of a sudden, she was nervous and exclaimed, “Huh!? Sir, you can’t! Besides, I won’t accept it! I’m a virgin and I want to remain this way. Please don’t judge me, sir. Just because I’m doing this kind of work, you’re now assuming I will agree to what you want. I’m really sorry, sir, I can’t do it. No matter what amount you’ll give, I still won’t do it.”

She was really serious with her words. Her facial expression showed being upset. To calm her down, I said, “I should be the one to say sorry. I’m really sorry for even asking you about it. Let’s just continue with the massage.”

She resumed masturbating my dick. I said, “Look at my cock! He’s also upset. He’s down. Hehehe!”

She didn’t laugh while she was trying to revive my dick.

I said, “I don’t know if you can make it stand up again. But can I ask you something?”

“What is it, sir”

“Can you just say dirty words while you’re masturbating my dick?”

“I don’t know about those things, sir.”

“Just say these words as you’re staring at me: ‘Fuck me. You’re so yummy. Ahhh, shit. Fuck me, please.’ Repeat those words. Alright?”

“Sir, I can’t do it.”

“Just do it. I’ll pay you 2k just to do those things. Anyway, I’m not touching your boobs nor your vagina. We’re not fucking. You’re just saying those fucking words to me. Ok?”

“Ok, sir.”

So she started to say those words with my repeated guidance. But she sounded like a robot. I told her to say it with feelings. She did but still she sounded so scripted. I kept telling her to have her eyes on me while she was masturbating my cock and after some minutes, I finally cummed.

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