How much will you give me, sir?

I went again to one of my favorite spas in the city where I can conveniently park my car without being conspicuous from anyone who might know me.

I asked the attractive receptionist, “Miss, is Melanie around?”

She replied, “Yes, sir.”

“Just one hour and a half for an oil massage.”

“Ok, sir.”

I paid 550 and sat while mentally talking to myself, “That’s why I like this spa because they always have new sexy sights here! Look at this receptionist. She wears that fucking short shorts. She seems to give me that kind of glance as if she’s waiting for me to ask her how much is her massage fuck.”

After a few minutes, Melanie came and told me, “Sir, here’s your slippers. Come over here so I can wash your feet.”

I said, “Mel, no need for that. Let me just put some alcohol on my feet.”

“Ok, sir.”

I came to know Melanie from another masseuse because I was asking the name of the pretty therapist who was besides her at that time.

I took off my mask when I got inside the massage room. I undressed including my brief and lay down. My heart was beating faster as I noticed my excitement got back every time there’s a pretty new lady who will massage me and probably whom I could lust around.

While waiting for her, there were many thoughts which came to my mind… One is my realization that this is who I am. I may long to spiritually evolve but the desires of my flesh are stronger. At least, I’m not alcoholic, glutton nor a drug addict. If my lust is perceived to be evil by the society I belong to, so be it. I can say that what I have is the least evil compared to the corrupt politicians, drug lords, rapists and murderers.

She got inside the room and said, “Let’s start, sir.”

Her soft voice is so feminine which matches perfectly her slim figure and cute face. My first impression is she’s new, innocent and wouldn’t do those hand job moves. That’s what I thought…

I said, “By the way, your friend told me something about you so that’s why I got to know your name.”

She just replied, “Ah, ok,” and didn’t ask further.

I was thinking a lot of customers must be requesting for her so I guess she’s used to hearing those things.

I had two plans. First was to go to slowly on her. First meeting, just purely massage. Second meeting, to touch her hands leading to perform lingam and so on and so forth, leading to fucking in a motel.

Second plan was to go right on what I wanted without delay on the first instance. You know what I mean.

I got my wallet and took out 1k. With all my confidence, I said while handing the money to her, “Mel, my advance tip for you. Just give me a sensual massage. Alright?”

I was ready for a negative reaction from her but on the contrary, she gave me a sultry smile and replied, “Ok, sir.”

And so the second plan was activated.

I didn’t know if she got my indirect message but when she started stroking my upper thighs nearly hitting my balls, I whispered, “Here we go again!”

Don’t get me wrong. Here we go again means time for action for me. Lol!

Her soft hands which feel so feminine ignited the carnal fire in me.

I told her, “You know, Mel, that’s what I really want! Stroking that upper part of my thighs and balls. I really like it!”

In a seductive tone, she said, “Really, sir?!”

Time for a front massage… My cock was gradually standing when she covered it with the blanket. She seemed not to be bothered by it as if she’s used to with these kinds of lustful men.

Her massage was so erotic. Indeed, she really knows how to turn on a man with her being motivated to do what’s supposed to be done with the 1k and even doing it better so she would be given more tip after the massage.

After some few minutes of slowly sliding her hands back and forth on my front upper thighs, she asked in a low whisper like tone, “Sir, would you like me to proceed with the hand job?”

I pretended not to hear what she asked. I replied and asked, “Can you repeat what you said?” as I gently held her head to be near my face.

Our lips almost touched with each other. I was able to breathe her torrid breath which reminded me of my very special fucking someone in the past.

There it commenced the climax part of this story… I reached out to her blouse and groped for her boobs inside her bra while I let her hand masturbate my fully erect cock. You know me… I couldn’t be contented with just like this and so I also groped for her pussy passing though her pants and panty. She began moaning in obvious sexual stimulation. While rubbing her pussy which was beginning to get wet, I licked and sucked her cute nipples to her heightened erotic pleasures.

I let her lay down besides me, side by side, until I kissed her lips, licked it, sucked it and her tongue. At first, she was resisting. Of course, it’s very rare for a woman to allow a stranger to kiss her unless she’s drunk. But on that moment, after gentle persistence to kiss her with alternating lustfully kissing and licking her ears and neck, her defenses bogged down until she couldn’t help but went along kissing me as well.

Our kissing turned out to be passionate like we’re young lovers.

She then said, “Sir, we’re out of time. You have to cum now.”

I kept saying, “Mel, you’re so fucking yummy! Don’t stop kissing me if you want me to cum now!”

And so we continued kissing, licking and sucking each others’ lips until I cummed so fucking gooood!!!

I suddenly got drained, gasping for breath. I gently touched her face and said again, “Mel, you’re so fucking yummy!”

She just smiled while wiping the semen on my cock and tummy.

“Mel, let’s fuck one of these days. Ok?”

She replied, “How much will you give me, sir?”

I realized she’s a pro. The way she looks and speaks, she could be mistaken a virgin. But truth be told, she’s a single mom and surely, just wants to earn a living to support especially her child.

Honestly, the way we were wildly doing the sexual deed, I can tell and intensely feel she’s prepared for a one-night stand (with a price tag) but I forced myself not to do it. I didn’t bring a condom. Since I rarely use a condom, I avoided fucking a pussy for fear of getting hiv.

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