Remembering the Erotic Dancer

One time I passed by in this street. I looked at the place where a strip bar was situated years ago. I stopped for a while and closed my eyes to recall a certain episode in my life which can’t be erased from my memory. In such good timing, the radio was playing the song, Toy Soldiers by Martika.

Then I visualized the words and scene I wrote before:

I said to her, “Hi! Come here, sit down.”

She replied, “Thanks.”

“You danced very well a while ago.”


“My name is Mike!”


“Your name is Jennifer. Right?”


“What would you like to drink?”

“Orange punch.”

“Waiter, you heard her order.”

The waiter said, “Ok, sir. Would you like to have another beer?”

I replied, “Yes. Thanks.”

I asked her, “So Jen, how long you’ve been working here?”

She replied, “I’m just new here.”

“Really! Like a month now?”

“Just a week.”

“Wow! Is this your first time working in a bar like this?”


“How old are you, by the way?”

“Just 18.”

“Wow! You’re so young and pretty!”


“I’ve been watching you dancing since your first hour.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yeah, just me.”

“Why you’re sitting so far? There are empty chairs near the stage.”

“I know but I like it here so I can touch mine while watching.”

“Hahaha! You’re naughty!”

“Your parents know about your work?”


“Are you living here in Cebu?”

“I come from the province and came here for work.”

“And this is the work you found?”

“Why are you asking me these questions? Just enjoy the night. Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yeah, she is!”

“She’s really good in dancing.”

“Yeah, but you’re better.”

“Hahaha! You’re always joking!”

“It’s true, Jen.”

I gently touched her hand as she cast a shy smile at me.

“Your name is Mike?”

“Yeah! You have a good memory.”

“You just mentioned your name a while ago. I guess I can’t forget you now because you’re the only one who has no companion here.”

“Right. So you like what you do?”

“Question again! Hahaha!”

“Sorry but I have to ask because I can’t believe you’re so young to do these kinds of things. I think you’re the youngest here. Am I right?”


“So where are you staying here?”

“In Mabolo.”

“Oh, I’m from Mabolo too. You’re staying alone in a boarding house?”

“I’m with my sister.”

“Ah, ok.”

“So tell me about yourself, Mike. Do you come here often?”

“I think this is my second time.”

“When was the first time?”

“I think it was three days ago.”

“Why didn’t I see you?”

“Why? Would you notice me among the many customers you meet here?”


“Why are you laughing, Jen?”

The manager called her.

She said, “Mike, it’s my turn. Just wait here for me.”

I replied, “Ok.”

The song was a disco tune which was followed by a mellow music, Toy Soldiers by Martika. Erotic striptease was her specialty.

Then she came back to my table and sat closer beside me.

I said, “Wow! You really danced very well!”

She responded, “Hahaha! You’re joking again!”

“So your boyfriend will fetch you after your show?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Then that’s good.”


“Because I’d like to invite you out.”

“Huh? Where will we go?”

“We’ll eat.”

“Ah, ok.”

“So it’s ok with you?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“So I’ll just wait here?”

“No, you can’t wait here. It’s not allowed.”

“What do you mean?”

“The management doesn’t allow us to be taken out by our customers.”

“Even if it’s already your time off?”

“Yeah, unless you pay the bar fine.”

“Why would I pay the bar fine when you’re done with your shift?”

“I know. Just wait for me outside, far from here.”


“Do you have a car?”


“Just park farther from here.”


“Near the convenience store.”

“Ok. I’ll wait for you inside the car.”

“What’s the color of your car?”

“It’s blue.”


“See you then later, Jen.”

It was already 230am. I opened the front windows as I patiently waited for her to go out from the club.

Then she arrived saying, “Hi, Mike! Sorry, it took me so long.”

I replied, “That’s ok. Come and get inside.”

“Where shall we go?”

“Let’s just drive-thru Mcdonald’s and eat here in the car.”

“Why? You’re afraid you might be seen going out with a pretty girl like me?”

“You also got a lot of questions, Jen! Hahaha!”

After getting our order, I then parked in a discreet place and ate our burgers. Playing on my car stereo was If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Simply Red.

In my mind, I knew what I should do the moment she agreed to go out with me. So I said, “Let’s go, Jen.”

She asked, “Where?”

“In my house?”

“Huh? You’re living alone there?”

“My parents are in Manila.”

“You have siblings?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry. They’re already sleeping.”

“Hahaha! You’re sure about that?”

We arrived at my house. I parked the car outside so I didn’t have to cause some noise if I open our garage gate. I held her hand and felt she was easy to bring along with. Then we stayed in the sala and laid down in those large pillows.

Without any resistance and smooth it went, we fucked. Then we were tenderly embracing each other as we fell asleep. I seemed to feel something sad deep inside her.

I woke up at 530am. I said, “Jen, wake up! Let’s go. I’ll drive you home.”

She responded, “But I’m still sleepy, Mike.”

“We have to go now. My brother might see us here.”

And so off we left. While I was driving, she was caressing my arm with her fingers as she asked, “Mike, will I see you again?”

I replied, “I hope so, Jen. I hope so.”

“If you like, you can visit me in my house anytime.”

“By the way, here’s some money.”


“Thank you, Jen.”

“For what?”

“Because… Just because.”

“Why can’t you tell me?”

“It’s just the way it is.”

We arrived at her house. We kissed passionately while sunrise penetrated through the front windshield. She then got out of the car with a look on her face, clinging to some hope that it wasn’t just a one-night stand.

Months passed while being busy with so many things, I thought dearly about Jen. I wanted to see her again to let her feel it wasn’t just a one-night stand. I was somehow ready to be open to what could develop between the two of us. So I went to her house but I got lost. I couldn’t recall the exact location of her house. All I kept saying to myself was, “Damn! Why?”

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