Massage 101: The Hows and Whats of Yoni Massage

Aside from men, women can and need to orgasm too. It is one of the many ways that the body can relax and shake off stress and explore one’s body as well. This is where yoni massage comes in, which is simply a sexual therapy practice that involves massaging the female genitalia or vagina.

What is a Yoni Massage?

Did you know that the word yoni directly translates to sacred space? As the word itself already indicates, a yoni massage simply pertains to the sensual massaging of the female genitalia or the vagina. It guides a woman’s body towards orgasm and relief, especially if she has been feeling a lot of stress lately. Additionally, the yoni massage also opens new doors in a woman’s sexual and spiritual experience, making it one of the best ways to be in touch with oneself.

How to do a Yoni Massage

Just like anything else that can be learned, doing a yoni massage only requires following a few steps and keeping in mind a few reminders. Whether you want to do it alone or with a partner, here are the things that you should do. Above anything else, it is important that you view the vagina as a beautiful piece of the body, therefore treating it with gentleness and love. In doing a yoni massage, the goal isn’t just having one orgasm, but multiple ones.

1. Make sure to set a safe and relaxing environment so that the vagina can destress. Whether you need to adjust the lights or use scented candles, do so according to what the body needs.

2. Practice proper breathing. In order for a yoni massage to become a success, breathing is important. This way, the body is grounded and can carry the vibrations of orgasm throughout the body.

3. Prepare any oils or balms that you may want to use, it can make a great difference in how you’re going to feel overall.

4. Start massaging the sensitive parts of the body. Before going directly to the vagina, stimulating the various erogenous zones can help warm up the body. You can start by playing with the breasts, stroking the stomach, and gently caressing the inner thighs. This provides enough time for the buildup of pleasure.

5. Once the buildup of pleasure is at its peak, it’s time to stroke and gently make varying circles around the vulva. One technique is to gently play around the outside of the vagina and slowly make your way inside. You can opt to delay the orgasm or repeatedly stimulate multiple ones.

What are the Benefits of a Yoni Massage?

Aside from helping the body relax and reach orgasm, there are also a lot of benefits of a yoni massage.

It helps awaken sexuality

It helps improve sexual stamina and mood

It helps heal the body and recover from any trauma the body may have

It aids in guiding the body toward its first multiple orgasms

In conclusion, the yoni massage is just another way to honor and take care of the body. As its owner or as a partner, treating the vagina as a sacred space makes a great difference in building up confidence and love for one’s mind and body.

by Anna Luna

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