The Art and the Artist

Lana has always wanted to be a painting model. When she finally had a chance, would she be ready to face everything that came with it?


Lana was passionate about expressing her art style in a way that genuinely embodied her. She began to research painting models and the various ways to become one. After extensive research, she found out there were courses available for those who wanted to become professional painting models.

She decided to take an online course that taught the basics of being a painting model, such as how to prepare for photo shoots and what poses look best when modeling with different types of art mediums. Additionally, she learned how to create captivating poses and angles while still showcasing the artwork in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

After completing the course, Lana developed the skills necessary to become a successful painting model. She was now confident in her abilities and ready to work with different painters and photographers. With the help of her new skills, Lana was able to pursue her dream of becoming a painting model. She is still modeling today and continues to enjoy expressing herself through art.

Ana felt a thrill of excitement when she saw the sign. She had wanted to model for some time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! She quickly went home to prepare for her audition, excited about what was to come.

When Ana arrived at the studio, she was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. The staff helped her feel comfortable as they asked her questions about her experience and talked through what would be expected of her should she get the job. After a few moments of getting to know each other, it was finally time for Ana’s audition.

She stepped in front of the camera with confidence, ready to show off all that she had learned over the years of modeling. One by one, the staff members praised her for her beauty and grace, remarking on how perfectly she seemed to fit the job description.

Lana was nervous as she walked into the room. She had heard of their reputation in town, and she knew that they only accepted the most talented models. But Lana had always dreamed of becoming a model, so she gathered her courage and stepped through the door.

The moment Lana entered the room, all eyes were on her. The studio director asked her to introduce herself before turning to his team of artists with a smile. He explained that he thought Lana might be just what they were looking for and then asked if anyone wanted to give her an audition.

One artist stepped forward and told Lana to stand against a wall while he painted her portrait. He sketched out her figure quickly but delicately, capturing every curve and line of her body. After he was done, the director nodded in approval. He said that Lana had definitely earned a spot as one of their models.

Lana couldn’t believe it! She thanked the studio director and the artist for giving her this opportunity. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to perfecting her poses and studying art history so she could bring something unique to each painting.

Lana was mesmerized by the painter and couldn’t help but stare. She felt butterflies in her stomach, as she had never felt this way before. The painter smiled at her again and motioned for her to come closer. When Lana moved closer, he started talking to her about his passion for painting and showed her some of his work. He was passionate and sincere, which made Lana feel even more drawn to him. They talked for hours until the sun began to set, and the other painters were packing up their supplies.

As they said their goodbyes, the painter told Lana that he would like to see her again soon. Lana smiled back shyly, feeling a warmth deep inside that she had never experienced before. She left feeling giddy and excited, wondering what the future held for them. She knew that she had just experienced something special. She looked forward to the next time they would get to see each other.

Lana was intrigued by the handsome painter and couldn’t believe she had been assigned to pose for him. She felt an electricity in the air between them, and as he painted her, she could feel a connection growing between them. She tried to focus on the painting but found it hard not to be distracted by the handsome painter.

Every time their eyes met, her heart raced in anticipation, and she felt a warmth spread through her body. She thought about how close they were and all the possibilities for them outside of this room. The sexual tension was again very strong already.

“There’s actually a much easier way to break the tension.” Lana takes his hand and slips it under her dress and onto one of her tits.

“You have to get it out of your system.” She added

“What, here? Now? This is public.” The guy said

“Trust me. It won’t take that long.”

The guy played with her massive tits as she massaged his erection.

After pulling his pants and briefs down, she drops to her knees on the platform and takes his eager cock into her mouth. Her lips are soft, and her tongue is making different swirls.

She glides her face up and down his dick while cradling his balls and squeezing his ass at the same time. Her movement is aggressive and flawless, with no choking or gagging.

When she feels him getting close to release, she pulls away. She strokes his cock while licking her hand and rubbing her pussy.

She runs her fingernails gently across his stomach as she removes his belt and grinds on top of his cock. He grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed, kneading them until her nipples were hard.

Her hips rock against his face, and she feels his hands pull her in tighter, his broken voice vibrating against her as he gives her everything she needs. His tongue, hot against her, brings forth a gush of slickness, and he moans as he tastes it.

He brings his fingers back to tease against her and makes space for them to slip inside, where he knows all of her sweetest spots. Then his tongue and his lips find her clit, playing and sucking as his fingers stroke with such skill that she knows it won’t be long. She can feel her peak building.

Lana picks up the pace and begins rubbing her clit, which tells him she’s close to cumming. She’s nodding her head, whispering for her to be fucked harder. He obeyed.

As her orgasm hits, Lana’s eyes roll back, and she squeezes him tight between her thighs. This causes him to cum inside her, filling her up.

It wasn’t until a few months later that Lana and the guy had an honest conversation about what had happened. They admitted to their mutual attraction but agreed it was better to stay friends. Lana appreciated his honesty, as this experience had made her more careful when it came to matters of the heart.

The two continued on with life; Lana kept modeling while the guy pursued further studies in painting. They would often meet up whenever they both had free time and catch up over coffee or lunch. Through these conversations, they grew closer, although not romantically—they were simply great mates who enjoyed each other’s company.

Although their relationship was never anything more than platonic, Lana was thankful for having a friend she could trust. He was a great listener who always had a kind words and sound advice. She cherished the moments they spent together and considered him one of her best friends.

Lana even helped him with his studies from time to time, giving him tips on how to better capture emotions in his work, as she was well-versed in the art of expression through painting. As weeks turned into months, Lana’s friendship with the guy became an essential part of her life; they laughed, shared stories, and created beautiful memories along the way.

Their story serves as an example that even if things don’t turn out exactly as we expected them to, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for a future friendship or connection. Beautiful things can sometimes result from the most unexpected of circumstances.

One afternoon the guy asked Lana if she wanted to have coffee with him. She agreed. While they were having coffee, the guy asked Lana if she wanted to date him.

Lana was a bit taken aback. She had never been asked out before, so she didn’t know what to do or say. She looked into the guy’s eyes and saw something sincere there as if he wanted her to say yes. But at the same time, she felt like saying no would be rude and hurt his feelings. So with a slightly shaky voice, Lana said, “Yes.”

The two of them were still sipping on their coffees when they suddenly realized that it was getting late and they should probably be heading home soon. They both laughed nervously and headed out the door. As they walked back towards their homes, the guy took Lana’s hand in his own and gave it a gentle squeeze.

– written by a guest writer, Mia Sanchez

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